A Useful Overview Of Sensible Tactics In Ball Gowns

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"I could've walked into any food tech, history, art, maths classroom and just watched seas of spaced-out, stressed-out, depressed kids, in a battlefield where they can't afford pens and paper," she said, gulping hard. "It is a disgusting sight," she told delegates, and urged parents of teenagers with newly-reformed GCSEs ahead of them to make sure they know they are loved. In under three minutes, Lauren delivered a speech conveying the impatience of youth. ("I didn't make notes before I came on stage and my thoughts will be fairly scattered, so please go easy on me.") Her audience were on their feet, cheering Lauren for a speech that's since been shared thousands of times on social media. Image caption Lauren has been a Labour party member since the age of 14 "It felt pretty weird," she tells the BBC. "I was kind of in my own little world. "To see everyone stand up - I really appreciated it." And the plaudits didn't stop there. "My Snapchat blew up," she says. About 30 people from her old school contacted her to say they were really glad she had spoken up for them.

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